marshalljeffersonOne of the original innovators in Chicago house, Marshall Jefferson had a hand in several of the music's most influential early tracks. As a solo act, he recorded 1986's "Move Your Body" -- sub-titled and unanimously acclaimed "The House Music Anthem." Jefferson also helped record Phuture's "Acid Tracks," the first and best acid-house single. Later, amidst a wave of acid-inspired records, he grew tired of the sound and moved into a more spiritual form of music later termed deep house; along with Larry Heard, he became one of its best producers.

larryheardHe never sold as many records as some of the other Chicago house producers, but Larry Heard is arguably the best to come out of the scene, providing the crucial marriage between the warmth and communal feeling of disco with the energy and futurism of house music. His classic mid-'80s singles on Trax Records -- as Larry Heard and Mr. Fingers, as well as Fingers Inc. with the addition of vocalists Ron Wilson & and Robert Owens -- set the template for every house-influenced producer to come later, and scores of dance artists have name-checked him as providing the best moments in house music's history. Unlike many of his Chicago house contemporaries, Heard's discography is quite large, with several albums released under each of his three major pseudonyms plus several albums during the 1990s recorded as by Larry Heard.

levan1There are no DJs, living or otherwise, who have had such potent mythology constructed around them as Larry Levan. His tragically premature death in 1992 signalled the end of a remarkable career that still casts a shadow over the dance community. Talk to any New York DJ of a certain age about music and it's likely that Levan's name will be mentioned in the first ten minutes. He is widely quoted as being the greatest modern DJ, whilst the club that he presided over for ten years - The Paradise Garage - is held in equally high regard.

Think of a classic house record and nine times out of ten you'll think of Trax, although you may not realise it. 'Move Your Body'? 'Baby Wants To Ride'? 'Can U Feel It'? All Trax releases. 'House Nation'? 'Acid Trax'? 'Your Love'? 'We Are Phuture'? 'U Used To Hold Me'? Yup, those too. What's more they introduced the world to producers who've become immortalised as some of house music's greatest innovators - {ln:Larry Heard}, {ln:Marshall Jefferson}, {ln:Frankie Knuckles} - and have provided an outlet for many more of Chicago's house artists over the years, such as {ln:Armando}, Liddell Townsell, Robert Owens, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Mr Lee, {ln:Adonis}, Fast Eddie, Ralphie Rosario, DJ Rush, Steve Poindexter, Terry Baldwin, DJ Skull... the list goes on. And they did it all by releasing crappy-looking records that sounded like they'd been pressed on sandpaper.

knucklesFrankie Knuckles was born in the South Bronx of New York City on January 18, 1955. He got into spinning after being offered a job by Tee Scott, who he sees as one of the legendary DJs, and was further prompted into it by the late Larry Levan when they used to work together back in 1972 "The Gallery," an early New York club which was owned by Nicky Siano. Knuckles then moved over to the legendary "Continental Baths" in 1973 to work as the alternate D.J. for {ln:Larry Levan (1954-1992) - Remembering a Legend.... 'Larry Levan}. When Levan left in 1974 to open his own club, the prototype for "Paradise Garage," Frankie assumed the head D.J. slot and remained at the baths until it's closure in 1976.

adonisAdonis, often referred to as Acid Budda; Jack Frost; and The King of Bass lines; among other aliases, is an icon of House Culture whose phenomenal music career skyrocketed in the 1980’s by making shock waves on the global dance floors with the recording of many innovative and influential dance tracks.

The creation of a legend began very early as Adonis, who was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, was introduced to all forms of music at a young age. The first instrument Adonis learned to play was the bass guitar, which also inspired his self-mastery of lead guitar, keyboards, percussion, drums, lyric writing, music composition, and vocals.

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